But that first step, the meeting of minds? Most of the time, we leave it to chance. We dream of serendipity, but are distracted by reality.

It’s time for something new. We’re calling it Maximum Return, an immersive, open-ended social experiment that embraces serendipity and triggers action.

Maximum Return is about improving the odds that a conversation will create unexpected connections and opportunities. It’s about bringing a diverse group of talents together, providing an open canvas, and seeing how far we can take it. It’s a global community of curious, clever, open-minded individuals, committed to turning opportunities into something real.

Maximum Return heads to New Zealand in January for a two-day event at a secluded treehouse in Matakana. We're on a journey to the outer edge of discovery and creativity. We’ll be breaking away from the expected and entering uncharted waters, with our minds open to new perspectives.

We want you to be part of the journey. Join us below.